How to Make an Umbrella Hole in a Garden Tablecloth

How to Make an Umbrella Hole in a Garden Tablecloth

Nowadays, it is hardly impossible to go a day without hearing someone asking how to make an umbrella hole in a tablecloth! It is hard to find quality outdoor tablecloth and when you come across one, it lacks what you really need it to have, an umbrella hole to accommodate the pole.

The good news is that, you can follow the procedures below and create a fantastic outdoor tablecloth with a parasol hole for your patio table that accommodates the umbrella’s pole. It’s a super easy sewing project that you can do yourself in less than an hour.

Step 1: Gather the Necessary Materials

Of course, you will need a flat tablecloth, the patio table that you want to cover, a small piece of paper, a clear pencil, scissors and a sewing machine. Have these materials within reach in order to speed up the process.

Best Fabric to Use

There are a lot of fabrics you can work with like oilcloth, plastic, acrylic or cotton. However, this will be greatly be determined by your taste and the purpose of the table.

Step 2: Make a Rubbing

Take the piece of paper and place it over the hole. Using one hand, hold it firmly against the table and rub it gently with the other until a firm print of the hole appears on the paper. Place the paper on a flat surface and using the pencil trace with accuracy the indentation on the paper.
Cut out the section and you have with you the pattern that you need to transfer to the tablecloth.

Step 3: Grab the Tablecloth

This method works for holes of any shape or design. Grab your tablecloth and fold it into half. Take the apex and fold into another half to have a quarter circle. If your tablecloth is square or rectangular, do the same to obtain a quarter square or rectangle.

Step 4: Fold the Paper Pattern Too

The pattern is like a prototype of the tablecloth. So the same way you folded do to the paper pattern. Fold in half then another to have a quarter circle assuming your umbrella pole is circular.

Step 5: Time to Make the Hole

Place the pattern carefully on the tablecloth with the circular edge on the fabric. The straight edges should be perpendicular to the edges formed by the fabric. The tip of the paper and the tablecloth should perfectly align too. Using the pair of scissors, cut the fabric following the curve formed by the paper.

Step 6: Time for the Sewing Machine

Unfold your cloth and sew around the cut edges. You can give a tight zigzag stitch. If your sewing machine can do faux interlocking stitching, then that’s better. However, whichever the case, the fabric will not fray out. If the tablecloth has loose edges, you can either hem it do a zigzag sewing all around. This is usually done on homemade tablecloths.

Step 7: You Are Through.

Lay your tablecloth and perfectly align the holes. Fix your umbrella and enjoy the shade.

It is worth mentioning that when cutting the tablecloth, you should be careful not to cut yourself or damage the cloth by cu

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